JPI Urban Europe Symposium (Brussels)

On 27 October 2016, JPI Urban Europe hosted in Brussels the symposium 'Urban Transitions Pathway Symposium - Shaping Common Ground in Urban Sustainability?'. The goal of the event was twofold. First, to address current specialization and diversity, taking stock of approaches, and to develop a common ground for urban transitions in European knowledge practices around urban sustainability. Second, to support an integrated approach for urban sustainability research and innovation and to promote and shape a critical mass in capacity building for urban transitions.

In order to participate in the event, the CODALoop team wrote a position-paper tackling the symposium’s main goal of finding common ground, by answering the two main orientation questions suggested by the organizers:

1) What is your contribution towards the issue outlined by ‘Shaping common ground in urban sustainability’? What are your (new) insights? And what would you propose as the common case?

2) What is needed to go beyond and integrate the diversified state of the art in contemporary urban sustainability research and innovation? Where are and how can we constructively tackle limitations on language, methods, epistemologies, ontologies, etc.?

One of the outcomes of the symposium was a booklet, edited by JPI Urban Europe, which will gather participants’ position-papers and which will reflect the discussions held during the one-day event. 

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