Debate with Professor Elizabeth Shove (Amsterdam)

From Energy Efficiency to Energy Practices: What approach towards an energy transition? In cooperation with Centre for Urban Studies and Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Per-capita energy consumption in cities is still increasing despite current investments on energy efficiency infrastructure, such as energy-saving appliances. How to reverse this continuous increase of energy usage is one of the urgent challenges of our current sustainability transition. With a.o. Elizabeth Shove and John Grin.

In this debate, scholars and practitioners will address this challenge by tackling the behavioral and social elements of energy consumption. What is the role that citizens have in this transition? Can citizens be held responsible for lowering their energy consumption? What is the role of policy? Are there other ways to look at energy consumption that can help to better approach this challenge? Theoretical insights and examples from practice will contribute to shed some light on this discussion.

About the speakers

Elizabeth Shove is Professor at Lancaster University, UK, and director of the DEMAND Center. 
John Grin is Professor in Political Sciences, University of Amsterdam/Centre for Urban Studies. 
Beatriz Pineda Revilla is PhD researcher on Energy Consumption and Urban Planning at University of Amsterdam/Centre for Urban Studies.
Tieneke Breemhaar is Operations Director at Nudge.
Torik Holmes PhD Researcher at the DEMAND Center, University of Lancaster.
Federico Savini (moderator) is Assistant Professor in Urban and Regional Planning, University of Amsterdam/Centre for Urban Studies.