Energy storytelling


Dear Buiksloterham neighbours,


Who doesn’t like to listen to a good story? This is the idea behind this Meetup, to come together with your neighbors and share a very special type of stories with each other. We call them ‘energy stories’. But what are ‘energy stories’ exactly? ‘Energy stories’ are experiences, anecdotes, thoughts, etc. from our daily lives in which the consumption of energy is somehow involved. These ‘energy stories’ are normally related to the activities that we regularly do, such as washing clothes, driving our car, eating meat or vegetables, etc.

For this Meetup, you are kindly invited to bring one or more photos that capture some of your daily ‘energy stories’. Energy is invisible and this is precisely the goal of this activity, to make energy more visible, by using a very visual method, such as using photos. Bringing a photo is not compulsory to attend the Meetup but it will be more fun if everybody brings one! The Meetup facilitators will also bring some photos to spur the discussion.


During the Meetup we will see each other’s photos and have a discussion based on questions such as:

- Which activity or activities appear in your photo?

- Why did you choose this photo? What is the ‘energy story’ behind the photo?

- Have you recently changed the way you do this activity? If not, why? If yes, what are you doing differently now?


Bring your photo(s) on a USB stick to our Meetup or send them to this e-mail address:


Looking forward to listening to your ‘energy stories’!

See you soon,

The CODALoop team


(Please RSVP by sending an e-mail to

Luis Monteiro