Energy futures


Dear Indische Buurt neighbors,


Have you ever thought about the future? What is coming next? Most probably you have given it some thought regarding your own life: ‘Will I live in a house with a garden?’, ‘Will I become a famous writter?’, ‘Will I have good health?’…. But have you ever thought about a  longer term future? The future of your children and grandchildren? The future of the people who will live in your neighborhood, in your city in 20 or 50 years? Maybe not that much or less often.

During this Meetup we will have the opportunity to think together about this long term future and we will do it using the lens of ‘energy’. This is what we call ‘energy futures’. In plural, because depending on how things developed now, in the present, there will be different future scenarios, different ‘energy futures’. You are welcome to join us in this fascinating exercise and to reflect first on how energy is used in our current lives in 2017 and then later to imagine how energy will be used in 2037 or 2057.

How would our living environments look like? How would you envision your life in a more sustainable energy future? Which type of activities will be ‘normal’ in that future? What does it need to change now to move towards that direction?


The future starts happening now so it is good timing to start thinking about it!


Looking forward to talking about ‘energy futures’ with all of you!

See you soon,

The CODALoop team


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Luis Monteiro