Energy expert


Dear Buiksloterham neighbors,


For these Meetup, the CODALoop team invites an ‘energy local expert’ to share his or her story with all of us. Who can be an ‘energy local expert’? Any person who is knowledgeable in the topic of energy, who has a story to share, and who has, somehow, a connection with the neighborhood. An ‘energy local expert’ can be a neighbor participating in an energy cooperative, a policy maker, a school teacher, a professor who knows well Buiksloterham, etc. The ‘energy local expert’ will not give a standard lecture. He or she will be asked to prepare a short and interactive talk, in a storytelling format. There will not be a presenter and an audience. It will be a round table where everybody in the room is welcome to actively participate.

After the ‘energy local expert’ tells us his or her story, the Meetup facilitators will moderate the discussion. Depending on the topic, different activities will be organized to take the most out of the debate. This is your chance to ask questions and engage in a discussion with your neighbors!

At the moment we are contacting some potential ‘energy local experts’. The next one will be soon announced in this website. If you would like to be our next ‘energy local expert’, do not hesitate to contact us in the following e-mail:


Looking forward to our next Meetup!


See you soon,

The CODALoop team

(Please RSVP by sending an e-mail to


Luis Monteiro