Energy safari


Dear Buiksloterham neighbors,


Let’s go for an ‘energy safari’ and explore the Indische Buurt together! What is exactly an ‘energy safari’? It is a walk during which we will look at our neighbourhood with renewed eyes by using an ‘energy’ lens. The idea is to gather at the Metabolic Lab boat, go for a 20-30 minute walk in the area and after, come back to the Metabolic Lab boat for a group discussion.

What happens during the walk? It’s easy. We will be looking for objects that consume energy (for example a car, a traffic light, etc.) or people doing activities that require energy (for example, some one eating a hamburger or some one riding a scooter). Also, we will be looking at objects or people doing activities that require little or no energy (for example, going for a walk, reading a book, etc.). While walking we will have time to reflect about how we move in our neighborhood in our daily lives and which activities we do, outside of our houses, that require energy.

In order to document all these discoveries ‘hunt’ during the ‘energy safari’, we will take notes, make photos, videos, etc. We, the Meetup facilitators, will be guiding the walk and we will be available to answer all your questions. Looking at your neighbourhood with the lens of ‘energy’ can be challenging because energy is invisible… but making energy visible is exactly the purpose of this exercise!

Back in the Metabolic Lab boat, we will exchange the ideas, impressions, thoughts, stories, etc. collected during the walk. The ‘energy safari’ will help us to reflect on how we live in our neighborhood and the activities we perform that consume energy outside our homes.


Looking forward to rediscovering Buiksloterham together with many of you!

See you soon,

The CODALoop team


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Luis Monteiro