CODALoop is a research project that aims to understand how energy consciousness can be activated through face-to-face and digital discussions about energy issues at the community level


What does CODALoop Amsterdam facilitate?

CODALoop Amsterdam organizes regular face-to-face activities and facilitates online discussions.


Energy Story Nights


Documentary Screenings

Verbatim Theater

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Online Discussions

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Energy Quiz

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Join the discussion!

CODALoop Amsterdam is active in 2 neighbourhoods. Indische Buurt in Amsterdam East and Buiksloterham in Amsterdam North.

Also, CODALoop collaborates with an online community 'Sustainable Community of Amsterdam' by supporting face-to-face activities and online discussions. 

If you would like to be involved in CODALoop's activities, please send us a message.

Indische Buurt



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News & Publications

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CODALoop Amsterdam coordinates meetings with the other consortium research partners and attends conferences and symposiums to exchange knowledge with the international research community